The Sleep of Reason Produces Flying Turtles

I think it’s Donkey Kong?

Where is Luigi with his Poltergust 3000?

Isnt seeing a plumber’s crack a nightmare in itself?

Are Woot writers tired of writing about Mario yet? It’s like an ongoing saga of imagination, and perhaps makes for monthly nightmares. That’s my guess.

Anyway, good job and congrats rglee :slight_smile:

That’s Donkey Kong! In the original Donkey Kong games, he was the main enemy that (presumably) Mario fought against. Not sure how he ever came to be a good guy, really…

Great shirt. I will buy it, if it goes on the reckoning. Curse you car payment!!!

if the current derby rules are any indication, yes.

When I look at Mario, his upper body says he’s laying down, but his lower body looks like its standing (regardless of stool). This vexes me.

Nothing personal, tho, this exactly matches the original (in which, the central character has the same vexing stand, yet sleeping, regardless of stool awkwardness).

Does anyone else see this?

Woo hoo! First sucker! Honored to be the first on such a great shirt!

In other news, Bowzer’s tongue… it could give Gene Simmons a run for it’s money.

Unless… Bowzer IS Gene Simmons? Can anyone confirm if he steals princesses or breathes fire?

Just remember, if the boss catches you and wakes you up, to mutter “Amen” before sitting up.

I noticed this when it was in the derby. It’s why I didn’t vote for it. It was off-putting. :confused:

*What’s with the CAPTCHA, woot? D:

it’s a problem with the perspective - if the bottom of the table he was leaning on fell lower in the drawing than his feet, it wouldn’t look that way (or less so, at least).

When I first saw this in the derby I had to do a double take on how amazing it was. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a shirt on this site till now to actually check at midnight to see if it was going to be printed.

Hats off to the artist and their inspirations, truly an amazing piece.

Congrats Doki Doki Panic;)

Yay! As my 10th purchase, this shirt made me a brown box! Can’t think of a more worthy shirt for the occasion.

Thank you Draug and X, I’m glad to see it’s not just me that noticed this. It literally irritates me. I suppose this particular perspective is my personal nightmare.

But, again, nothing personal to the artist. This is an exact match to the original, which also irritates me.

I would say that yes, Gene Simmons may as well be Bowser. After all, not only do the tongues match, but Gene also wore the spikes a lot.

Rglee, you really know how to rock Woot’s world. Congrats on winning 2nd place in the derby. We wear you well!

This was probably worse than the time he imagined he was a doctor…