The Smushion - 3 Colors

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The Smushion - 3 Colors
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The word is “viscous.”

Product Page

Lets learn all about the Smushion

Buncha April Fools… :slight_smile:

Hmmm…while I missed the meh fuku bag, I have to resort to woot for the time being :).

Anyone have any experience with these? Can I use it in my car seat for lumbar support? Are these the cheapest available online?

Thanks for any input.

Dimensions - my guess, hope, is that the 5.5 inch dimension is the AVERAGE thickness, they offer nothing to give an idea of scale. Thoughts? The product page photos are distorted, with the feet on the smushion appearing too large. This might be quite low in height.

$20 for two on the Smushion site, +S&H. Probably saving yourself a few dollars on Woot. Looks like crap to me.

You mean as in “Sid Viscous?”

Here’s an idea of the size. That’s my ThunderFeet.

and a pic from their site:

And a monkey stuffed in its “store hole” to show the thickness.

Did anyone else think that was a cankle in a slipper at first view on the product page?

Not vicious?

I have not see THAT GREEN monkey?!?!

Thanks for pics TT. Perfect size… This will be great for the Wife and I.

In for two, maybe three.

Not one comment about this being a reimagined “Liberator” wedge pillow? Even though they call it a smushion?

That is actually what I thought it was when I first saw the picture

UPS just dropped mine off! PERFECT for sitting up on deep couch and sitting up in bed!