The Snack Bar

As someone who once made pretzels by hand, the pretzel maker looks intriguing. Who’s up for digging up reviews of things that make food that is ultimately bad for us?

(So bad it’s good?)

pretzel maker has horrible reviews on Amazon…just in case anyone was tempted (like I was) :slight_smile:


Although, this IS the SPM-2WOOT model.

My question:
How difficult is it to clean the chocolate fountain? That doesn’t seem like an easy task.

Were you also lured by the built in cheese pod?

4/5 stars on amazon

Here’s the Pretzel Maker manual (complete with recipes!) I make pretzels at home too, but I can’t really see how this would make it any easier than a regular ol’ oven and cookie sheet (you still have to proof the yeast, shape the pretzels, etc.)

By the way, I’ve been looking for a waffle cone maker for my mom (to use with the grandkids, because that’s grandmas are for!) I haven’t seen one on woot… yet.

the pretzel dog thing is like a corndog but with pretzel breading, correct? so a hotdog in the middle?

this is IMPORTANT. my fiance loves him some corndogs and pretzels…combining these two would make me girl of the century

Someone convince me to buy a chocolate fondue fountain. Can I use my own recipe? Or do I have to use some sort of nasty nestle syrup recipe?

Is it easy to clean? Is it wasteful with inaccessible fondue mix?

I just keep a coupla bags of these in the fridge.

Maybe they could be the Thursday delicacy on wine.woot sometime?

They have a fondue fountain at the local dinner buffet and it’s difficult to steer people away from it once they start dipping things in chocolate. Marshmallow, rice krispy treats, fruit, candy, steak, it all tastes better with chocolate.

In for one.

Yeah, just think of how delicious dust and snot taste on your chocolate steak… You go ahead and enjoy that chocolate fountain.

I personally don’t plan on operating this in a workshop or hospital. So I think I’m ok, right? Unless you think wooters just live in abnormally dusty homes and are generally snotty individuals.

So that being said, I am pretty sure I will enjoy dipping things in chocolate. Hard to say for certain since I’ve only seen a chocolate fondue fountain once or twice ever, but I would say it’s a worthwhile gamble that I might enjoy submerging sweet foods in a vat of liquid chocolate before consuming them. But thanks anyway for the tip (not).

I haven’t used this model, but have some experience with a similar unit…

No special mix is required, just chocolate bits thinned with some veggie oil. You might want to melt that in a pot on the stove before pouring into the fountain.

Fountains are available in various sizes. This is a smaller one. To my mind, that means it is easier to store and uses less chocolate. The really big ones are stunning to look at; that’s what you want for a wedding reception. But a smaller machine like this is plenty of fun.

Chocolate fountains are especially fun for kids - provide various things to dip: marshmallows, cookies, fruit. It’s a great “comfort food” thing on a cold winter night. Think of all the comfort of a big mug of hot chocolate, dripped on your favorite snack.

A search at Amazon for NCF-1 Nesquik gives four hits, with no reviews and prices up to $47. Yow!

These usually consist of the base (with heater and motor); tiered fountain top; and screw. The screw fits inside the hollow fountain top and pumps the chocolate to the top. Cleaning involves taking apart the three pieces and washing them individually. In most cases, the latter two parts are dishwasher-safe.

I’m in for one.

Thanks for the info! Tempted to pull the trigger on one, but a little gun shy since I cannot find one review anywhere.

You’re welcome.

I couldn’t find a review either, but they are simple machines and have little to go wrong.

Note that the pump only works on a viscous liquid - think the consistency of honey. You can probably make your own blends to use in it (perhaps melted peanut butter, mint chips, etc), but it has to be thick enough to pump and not so thick that it clogs up.

Cleaning is not bad and you might even have the kids begging “Can I lick the screw.” Which, on second thought, sounds a bit naughty.

They have reeces peanut butter chips that might work well. Also butterscotch, heath, and a bunch of other flavors.

Here’s the Super Pretzel Pretzel Dog Maker product manual.

The manual has a straight-forward basic recipe, as well as some fancier recipes. It’s not dishwasher safe, but since the chocolate is softened with the vegitable oil, it shouldn’t be too hard to clean.