The Sock-ret Of My Sock-cess

Are these Men’s? Women’s? Boy’s?

I bought a pair of the no-show quiksilver to pad a order. They’re perfect with my sanuks. Great deal for 6 pairs, since I paid 4.99 for one pair over a year ago. I wear a size 12 in mens and these are well below my ankles.

Sorry woot - TJ Maxx sells the exact same hind socks at $4.00 for a 6 pack. I buy a new pack every few weeks for running.

I was gonna spring for some of these until I realized I could get 10-packs of tried-and-true cotton socks from Sam’s Club for $12. C’mon, Wootazon, you can do better on the price for these.

EDIT: LOL at the forum filter.