The Soft Side of Thermos

Any reviews on the lunch cooler? I’m looking ahead to spring, of course…

I have a stainless steel water bottle/thermos set (that I scored for $13 because it was slightly dented :slight_smile: that matches the Raya 6 can cooler. I think that means I have to buy one, right? I don’t have any of their cooler products but the thermos/water bottle set is awesome and has seen a ton of use camping. Solid brand I think.

I bought my husband one of the 6-can coolers to use as a lunch bag. He loves it and it holds quite a bit of stuff: 3 small ziploc containers (about 2 oz. size), granola bar, sandwich size bag of carrots and 2 small sandwiches. I could cram in a little more if needed.

If they offered this in the same pattern he has (the one on the 18-can duffle), I would buy him an extra.

Is that pattern the only one available for the 6 can cooler? And are there any other shots of the Dual 2-in-1 lunch cooler available? Comparisons with a sandwich or food container inside the pouches?

We had this exact 6 can cooler in that purple print. I had bought it for my kids to use as a school lunch box. It was one of the very few lunch boxes we’ve owned that lasted the entire school year and was still usable after the year ended. Unfortunately I do not remember the price paid, just that is really held up well compared to all of the other lunch boxes we’ve had here over the years (I have 4 kids).

One of my children brought it to summer camp this past summer but a squirrel chewed through the side, stealing her cookies & killing the lunch box.

So this is a very sturdy lunch box, but it is not squirrel proof.


The colors shown on the sale details page are the only ones available.

We don’t have any other shots of the Dual 2-in-1. The apple was added to give a size perspective. If it will fit 12 cans on each side, it’s not going to have a problem holding a sandwich.

I believe he was asking about the Dual 2-in-1 lunch cooler not the Dual 2-in-1 24 can cooler.

Much smaller. It looks to fit a couple small things but the division is going to keep any larger containers from fitting. Not sure about the depth of the pockets either…

Ah. My bad. However, if you click through to the detail page, there are extra pictures with that roaming apple for perspective. There are also dimensions in the specs. I thinks that’s the best we’re going to be able to do for now.

The eighteen-can one looks as if it would be good for bringing groceries home. Or a growler of refreshing adult beverage.

EDIT: In fact, a growler may fit in the nine-can one, although it may need to go sideways. Now that I’ve unlocked free shipping I’ll add one and find out.

This would be good “research” to report back on. :slight_smile:

I just maxed out my purchase because I thought this would be a great gift for teachers for Christmas. We’ll pack up some things to put in there. Then I realized that besides 6-packs of BEvERages or lunches, they can also be used as travel bags to keep cosmetics cool.

Lovin’ these alternate ideas!

Is now shipping stuff from the warehouse? My my order for the 9 can tote shipped and was at the local post office within hours. While there are several warehouses within a couple of hours ago, those always show activity in their cities before arriving here.

I just received my Thermos Raya 9-Can Totes, and I am happy to report that a standard 64oz glass growler will just fit in one at an angle. So be sure the lid is tight before you put it in.

This will be great for bringing delicious adult beverages home from the bar/brewpub/brewery/liquor store/grocery store if yours sells draft beer to go. (Kentucky may be a backward state in many ways, but I can fill my growler at all those places.)

I just received my 6 can coolers. I love them. However, I ordered 10 and received 6 in the purple print pictured and 4 in a blue stripe print. Not a problem (what to give the kids’ karate teacher is now solved, the purple print just wasn’t Sensei’s style), but it was a surprise. It worked out for me, but might not work for everyone.

Well I’m glad it worked for you, but if anyone else finds it doesn’t work for them, they are welcome to post here (and let know of any dissatisfaction) to get some trades going!

While I don’t for sure know exactly where your tote came from, I can let you know we have a variety of fulfillment methods, all designed to ideally get everyone’s gear to them faster. Sounds like yours worked out pretty speedy and well! :slight_smile: