The Sound Of bem

I wouldnt recommend these speakers. I have already had to return them twice because after 5 minutes one of the speakers sounds very tinny. It doesn’t matter if I use bt or audio cable.

Googled it and Amazon has the hands free for 14.95 hmmm

I owned the duo bluetooth. I returned them after a short time. Sounds is tiny and tinny. I would not recommend them at half the current price.

I bought one of the little square ones for the wife the last time they were on here (couple weeks ago).

I’m an audiophile, and for $the $20ish we paid for it, being wireless bluetooth, it sounded quite good. I wouldn’t pay anymore than the asking price, there’s better options, but it actually sounded pretty decent for the price.

Also, everyone fails to recognize… it’s a tiny speaker, it really is small. I don’t understand why everyone is expecting it to sound like a big system. It’s $24!!! It’s 2"x2"x2"!!

The wife put on some various types of music, pop and R&B with some bass in it, and while it didn’t sound as full as some of the more expensive models, it sounded pretty good. it was even shaking the small table we had it on.

for $24 I was quite happy with it, as was she.

If I wanted fuller sound? I’d buy a $80-100+ system. if you want cheap, small, toss it in your laptop bag (or her purse), it’s the perfect size and price, and sounds good enough for what we paid for it.

I bought one these about a year ago and it still “works”, the front buttons no longer respond. I use it on my desk at work and it is great for that. It’s not good for outdoors or large areas, but if you have small room or a work corner it’s a good buy for the price.

I would NOT recommend these speakers. I bought two sets via Amazon a while back and they just suck. I returned them!