The SOUNDS of Clearance!

Woot says Warranty: 1 Year XWAVE

XWAVE says never heard of woot and


I’m sorry for the problem. I’ll let the buying team know. In the meantime, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service. .

Did that. Woot said contact Xwave and that’s the response I got from Xwave.

Contact our CS again and let them know that you tried to work with XWAVE and the response that you got.

I’m sorry for the frustration.

What a piece of junk. It never worked out of the box. I wrote to Woot about the issue and was sent me to the manufacturer. Not worth my time. Very disappointed Woot, you are selling crap with this one and you know it. :frowning:

SP420BK 420 High-Fi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Which one? Comments show for all speakers. Please be specific which one you had to help others. Thanks!

Hello sellout.woot my friend,
I’ve come to shop at you again
there’s a button slowly flashing
to checkout I must be dashing
or the purchase, that I planted in my cart
gets removed
amidst the sounds, of clearance

On Woot-off nights I hit reload
in search of crap, the motherlode
'neath the glow of a screen light
I brew my coffee in the cold and dark
when my wallet’s stabbed in a flash by an impulse buy,
that caught my eye
I succumbed to the sounds, of clearance

Are any of these portable speakers protected from feedback if you use a phone with them to play your music?

I just came here to comment that the above comment is full of win!