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Slippery Jim DiGriz says those Revereware pots are as thin as tinfoil since they started bangin’ them out in China. But then, I always get the best advice from myself.

However, his lovely bride Angela is absolutely in love with this set.

I have a set of mixed old and newer Revereware pots and pans. The oldest is more than 60 years old and belonged to my parents, who still have the rest of the set. I have recent versions, with the only noticeable difference being the handles. They all cook great and even the 60+ year-old pot shines like new.

Does anyone know if these are dishwasher safe?

I grew up with Revere Ware and still use it. I’ve always put these pots in the dishwasher, even though I’m generally pretty finicky about what goes in there.

Do they even make tin foil anymore?

Those Cuisinart skillets in the set (11" and 9" with lids) I bought a while back on Woot. Best skillets I’ve ever owned. Nice and heavy, with an excellent non-stick surface that still allows for a good sear and browning. Love the metal handles so I can put them in the oven for finishing.

Is the All-Clad Copper Core 5-Ply 2-Qt. Saute Pan made in the USA?

To my knowledge, yes, the entire Copper Core line is made in Canonsburg, PA.

Their website says that only electrics, non-bonded cookware (of which the copper core line is not), and accessories originate elsewhere.

I get the sense that this is the newer, cheaper Revere made in Indonesia. This is not your mother’s cookware from Illinois. Check out the reviews on Amazon

Not for me…

The Clinton, IL plant (about 45 minutes from here) was closed at the turn of the century, putting a fair number of people out of work. So far as I know, it was the last domestic production of Revereware.

“In 1999, the Clinton, IL plant closed. All domestic manufacturing of Revere Ware ended, and corporate headquarters for the former Revere Ware Inc. line were moved to Indonesia. The Revere Ware logo was initially dropped and replaced with the single word “Revere” (it was revived in a subsequent oval logo. New Product lines continued to be introduced by World Kitchen, Inc., many of which were essentially renamings of older or existing lines.”


I have a full set that was my parents’ in college (60 years ago) and they’re still going strong. I added a frying pan made in the Clinton, IL plant in the late 90s and it’s less well-made.

Re: Waring MG105FR Meat Grinder - Amazon reviews are saying this has PLASTIC GEARS, not metal. Many initial good reviews have been altered to 1 star. Caveat emptor.

For clarification: I’m not sure where Revereware is currently manufactured, as World Kitchen, the parent company of Revere, does not disclose much information on the Revere line. I agree with the above in that it was once made at the Clinton, IL plant, as I have seen the Revere Copper clad pots stamped with Clinton, IL on the bottom.

However, to the original poster (totranmai), rest assured that the ALL-CLAD brand Copper Core line is indeed manufactured in the USA, in Canonsburg, PA.

To further confuse things, All Clad also has a Copper Clad line (same name as Revere), but their pots are entirely copper-colored on the outside; whereas Revere’s Copper Clad is only on the bottom of the pot.