The Starry Side of the Moon

A lovely and charming design.

really !!! jersey zipped hoodie, male XL, American OR Standard and it keeps telling me to value 3 settings. WTukw. bet woot wont sell these out!! pity

Yeah, sometimes our selection drop downs are a bit wonky, especially when there’s 3 different items like this.

Sorry about that.

EDIT: ohhhh, I think you were talking about the tote. It’s working now.

Select Tote, One Size (very bottom) and Standard.

Light side of the moon: I’m glad you like the design.

Dark side of the moon: I’m sad you’re having trouble ordering it.

You guys spelled the word baseline correctly BUT you used its homonym. The word you wanted was BASSLINE. No, it’s not something to do with a fish. It’s the music played by the bass instruments, e.g. bass guitar, in a band or orchestra. Trust me, I’m a music teacher who happens to be very fussy about spelling and grammar.


Wish You Were Ear? Too punny, well played Woot writers!
Be careful with that axe, Vincent.

Oh man, I already have four Starry Night shirts and I still want more.

The Lollipop Guild must have gotten hold of this design…

And oh!!! I bet I could make it myself, if I can get hold of some fancy pipe cleaners! Oh, I mean Chenille stems or whatever they call them these days…

This is charming design, and when I give up trying to make it, I’ll probably end up buying it. :slight_smile:

Probably totally unintentional by the artist, but I’m seeing a strong sense of Legend of Zelda: Four Swords from this.

Unfocus your eyes and you can see it too! The triforce, the four colors of Link, and even the swirly effect bombs give off in Wind Waker-style Zeldas.

Uh oh. My fanboy is showing.

I was just lamenting my Childish Side of the Moon Art teacher shirt being near worn out. This will make a TOPS replacement.

Awesome shirt Steven-

Thanks! Glad you dig it, and I appreciate the kind words as always.

If anyone asks if games are art, just show them this shirt and confuse the hell out of them.