The Steam Dream Team

I’d consider the Steam Birdie…
Consider it more if it wasn’t five bucks more expensive than when Woot sold it in June…

I bought it in June. It’s worth the extra five.

Anyone else have issues with the nozzles? The stem on the hose attachment (where you put the brush/window attachments) literally broke the first time using it. It didnt snap, it was almost as if the steam was too hot for the plastic to handle and the stem started pulling away from itself right at the base…

I thought Pyle just made audio and electonic devices.

Steamers? Man, ** what won’t they slap their logo on?**

I was looking in to getting the Birdie, and it’s 4.5 stars on the Mothership. Here’s the link, if anyone wants to take a Gander at it.

haven’t used pyle before but I love steam cleaning. I haven’t used anything else on my floors in years. This looks like an interesting model-our clothes steamer just died after many many years of dedicated service. I may get this and it’s the hand held cleaner.

Could we have a little help here? What are the differences between the three Steam Birdie models? Wattage?

I bought one here recently, can’t be arsed to figure out which model I’ve got. I used it clean baked on grease and drippings off my stovetop.

I had tried spraying with household chemicals like 409 and Fantastik and then lots of scrubbing, and the birdie took off stuff that had been left behind … but … it was a long slow 3-handed process. One hand to pump, one hand to steady and guide, and one hand to follow right behind with a kitchen towel to wipe up the grease before it could cool and re-settle.

Also, I pretty much wore out one of the little scrubby-brush tips in the process.