The Story of Woot - Fort Worth Star-Telegram


Anybody see this in the Sunday Fort Worth Star-Telegram? Check out the Story of Woot! Woot!


Cool! I still have the FW Star-Telegram Sunday paper, what section is this in? [:)]


Wow, I haven’t seen the Startle-Gram since I left in 1989.

Anyway, that website requires a login, so I thought I’d mention that you don’t really have to create one - check out


Thanks for the

I really liked the article. Woot, when will you hire me? I have ideas, man… 7 minute abs man… 7 minutes!



That’s helpful, I just made up information to get logged in. [;)]
Oh, and I found the article in the paper too. Thanks Texas Yankee!


some of us don’t live in Texas… although all my Exs do.

ha aha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahah dump