The Strange Objects

What do they have against the DeLorean?

This needs a phone booth and an anomaly to be truly complete.

Whelp, according to this thing the timeline is totally screwed and I’ll end up having to retake all my history courses on ancient civilization.

Those guys in the hot tub must have left a really bad impression of time travelers if that how the Egyptians responded to the Delorean.

Weird how they all went to that very specific point in time and place :wink:

I really like this design but I would have LOVED it if it included just one more “Strange Object.”

Its called The Strange Objects, there is an Egyptian setting, popular scifi franchises.

This design seems like the perfect fit for a Stargate to appear somewhere in there.

This is my own personal problem as you may not even be a fan of stargate, let alone know what it is.

I just wish artists designed/shirt a day sites printed more than 1 Stargate shirt a year.

All that aside, I really like this design and I will probably end up buying it after yelling at myself not to (bought like 11 shirts the past week or two.)

I think a new factor that will go into my inevitable purchase is the new quality of shirt blanks woot is using. I LOVE the new shirt blanks. The old ones had gigantic neckholes/collars and the shirts would always slide down my shoulder a bit. With the new Anvil shirts, not an issue at all.

Love seeing three different time machines on one shirt.

Truth : )

I like the additions to the usual range of hieroglyphics.

Would love to get this in a hoodie

I was wondering the same thing, though it’s reminiscent of the scene in Back to the Future III when Marty first goes back and ends up being chased by Native Americans.

The “hieroglyph” in the top right looks like Ebola…

The Tardis must be worshipped, it’s true.

I’m surprised the flux capacitor is not one of the hieroglyphics…or am I not seeing it?

Second column from the right, second glyph down.

2nd design this month to sneak K-9 into the details. Niiiice. :^)

This is the follow-up shirt version to SNL’s Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer!!!

Be excellent to each other.

I want this in a hoodie! Make it happen!

This really is one of those designs that you want to keep running with the theme- :smiley:

Great design man-