The Strange Objects

I’m thinking the guy in the hot tub with the glasses on is Dr. Daniel Jackson from Stargate. I mean, they didn’t have reading glasses then, right?

I also think the first guy in the hot tub is holding a cell phone instead of a cup!

I haven’t seen Hot Tub Time Machine so I’m on the fence about buying this one, but I LOVE the fun details in the hieroglyphs.

“This is too busy. This is all too busy! By the time you read it, you’re dead.” - Master Shake

Well shoot. If it didn’t have the Dr Who reference I’d be in for one. The Dr Who fans are just too annoying.

But where’s the Stargate???

Not enough Egyptians for you?

I find blanket statements about an entire fan base slightly more annoying.:wink:

better original:

Came for the anti-Dr. Who cry, was not disappointed.

Well, I held out all day long. Then I look at the clock and only 5 minutes till 1am…good bye $12.57! 5 more minutes and my wallet wouldn’t be weeping :smiley:

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I was laughing so hard, I almost fell off my seat! I take it that they would be able to reach the necessary speed coming down the side of the pyramid.

First day sales: 691

well that escalated quickly.