The Subway

Interesting… I was just eating a Subway sandwich…

As a vegetarian, I couldn’t ride on this subway. :frowning:

Congrats, Randyotter!

Great art, not digging the cream colour.

Reminds me of a sauce we shall not name.

That looks like one messy commute.

Also, Cream? Blargh. Cream goes terrible with subs.

Is this shirt in celebration of the big news that Subway will now start tessellating its cheese triangles?

Oh, I get it.

I want to know, would the passengers get on top of the sandwich or in between the tomato and the lettuce? Either way not an especially comfortable ride.

Where’s Jared?

LMAO @ the artist description

ideally I would like to see Jared from Subway in this shirt whilst on a train…

Yes, I admit to laughter. More travel on your lunch break is a good thing, right?

In case you’re curious, these are the best sandwiches in the world:

Clearly not a genuine Subway sub. The cheeses do not follow the new isosceles layout formation. Also the bread is not cut in the Subway approved method.

Still looks mighty tasty though.

Dangit! I always miss the 9am Turkey Swiss Club to Grand Central.

Those malnourished people look like they’ve been on Jared’s diet far too long.

They must have one hell of a rat problem

I think I went through the desert on that.

Remember when Subway used to carve a bread valley for the ingredients, rather than just slicing the bread in half?


Oh god, Randy.

Good luck man, but if you’re frustrated with Threadless, you’re gonna have a conniption here.