The Super Snorkel Snorkeling Mask

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The Super Snorkel Snorkeling Mask
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Hardly seems like a deal when there are hundreds of similar masks for less and the same price point that look identical.

For example,

This one has 409 positive reviews with only 2% being negative
and 96% being 4-5 stars. It costs $10 less and has a go-pro mount built in. They also have more color options and sizes.

The real WOOTER here… Try harder Woot.comers.

Looks a bit like the mask a Killer might wear in a horror movie

Are these the type of full face masks that have been blamed for drownings in Hawaii? Google “Super Snorkel Deaths”. Interesting no shipping to Hawaii…

Bought a similar mask, looks exactly the same and has same features, for $10 from eBay.

Morning. We aren’t selling the same brand as in the article I found. We don’t ship ANYTHING to Hawaii.

As always, swim with care.

Yes the same type. Locals I talked to in HI have called it the “tourist killer.”

Well, that might be overblown or based on anecdote, but, I don’t think these are NOT advisable for beginners. I believe full face masks require experience and training. Deadspace issues make rebreathing a potential issue in a panic/shallow breathing scenario. Also a flooded mask compromises vision and breathing together unlike a separate mask and snorkel. Those are the mechanisms I suspect behind the anecdotal reports of drowning associated with this mask.

I bought a similar one at Costco and ended up bringing it to the thrift store (shame on me). I did not like the valve system. It made breathing difficult as I had to breath extra hard to open the valve and breath in air. I thought the snorkel was too short. It also stopped being airtight when I grew a beard.

I have been a scuba diver for many (MANY!) years, and while there have been professional full-face masks in the diving industry for longer than my experience, these types of masks (regardless of who makes it) have a few issues that any potential purchaser should know about.

First and foremost, these masks typically do not have any way for the user to pinch their nose - and this is a big deal if you ever want to dive down below six feet or more. Without any way to pinch your nose you have no practical way of equalizing the pressure in your ears as you descend. At the least this can be painful and restrict you to paddling around on the surface with just your face in the water; at most this could lead to a ruptured ear drum or an injury to your sinuses.

Second, these masks have a LOT of air space between the lens and your face. With this design, there is a lot of residual CO2 still inside your mask when you go to inhale your next breath that you could re-breath. This leads to all sorts of issues including a decrease in O2 level, panic, impaired cognitive abilities, etc. And No, regardless of how the valves and mouth shield are designed you will never completely resolve this issue.

Lastly, the combined design of breathing tube and eye protection means that when the mask is compromised then both are affected. In a standard mask/snorkel set-up when your mask fills with water you can still breath, and vice-versa. In addition, with a traditional system it is common to occasionally exhale thru your nose into your mask in order to equalize mask pressure and push water out of the mask as it leaks (and they all do…). On the full-face mask such as here regardless of whether you exhale out your mouth or nose the air still dumps out the single exhaust, preventing your from building up any counter-pressure inside your face mask to deal with outside water pressure and water that leaks in.

I cannot recall any deaths here in Florida directly attributed to these masks, but I can certainly see how they could be a mitigating factor - especially for the relatively inexperienced snorkeler.

Just my two cents worth…