The Tea Shirt

My eyes hurt from rolling.

Two of my favorite things, tea and puns.

“I’m a little tea pot, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout. Tip me over, and drain me out.” lalalalalala

I can only hope the vine growing from the cup leads to a cloud covered in gold coins.

You should get that checked.

I’m just exhausted enough for that write-up to be pretty much the funniest thing ever. I couldn’t even get through it in one go.

As for the shirt, very commendable anytime someone matches red and green and it DOESN’T make me think of Christmas. Also, I love tea.

Good job!

You know, at first glance I’ll bet a lot of people mistake this for a Christmas shirt.

Love the writeup!

I’m with you… I… am… stunned…

Ah ha, well isn’t that clever.

Sooooo, if I get a stain on this shirt, I’d be having a spot of tea. Am I right?

I find this design a little…lopsided.

Regarding the write-up:

American English places the comma within the quotations–always.

  • Someone Who’s Paid to Know Such Things

Can you imagine how utterly pathetic you would look wearing that shirt?

While I adore this shirt (and purchased one), I’m a little sad not to see the lady bug design. sniff I’ll get over it when I wear my tea shirt for the first time. And the first person to hate on it gets threatened with the tea bag.

Wear this if you’re a Tea Party member.

How are you supposed to hold that tea cup. The handle looks daunting.

Hahaha, that write-up was great! And I think my avatar goes along with the “This shirt tells the world” Disney reference. grin

You’re wrong.

This shirt causes me tea-pain.