The Tea Shirt

hey congrats fungusamongus! well done :slight_smile:

Congrats on the win!

Ahhh… Just 36 votes away from an awesome shirt. One day I’ll get a shirt with your leaves/scales patter on it, Boots. Thought for sure that the third time would be the charm…

Finally a tee for everyone that likes tea. It’s nice to see this one pull through to get a place. Congratulations on the print!

Dang! And I was considering getting this shirt! I won’t now.

Tea comes from an evergreen shrub/tree - it’s not grass! Camellia sinensis!!! The family is Theaceae and it’s in the order Ericales which includes blueberries and azaleas. The plants are really beautiful.

Sorry, gratuitous amounts of plant taxonomy classes make you persnickety about that sort of thing XD

Has woot changed the color of the “grass” green shirt? The only other grass shirt I have is “eat more meat” and it really looks like a different color on screen?

Oooh, this is a such a tasteful shirt! It’s a rich aroma of two earthy colors, and is satisfying no matter what time of day.

I can also wear it to Teavanas everywhere and be mighty-mighty.

Is this the perfect Jersey-going-out shirt? IT’S TEEEEEEAA SHIIIIRRRRRRT TIIIIIIMEEEE!!

As one with an English B.A., I totally approve this shirt.

Visual puns are awesome.

Just when you thought you’ve had enough from the Teabaggers.

So tea is being made from aspen leaves now? How interesting.

I think you’re supposed to stick your pinkie out.

Congrats Fungus!

Cute shirt, great write-up.

As someone who makes their living writing, I can tell you that the punctuation definitely goes inside the quotations, though.

Get this for your very merry unbirthday!

Really need to know what kind of tea this is. My doctor has banned me from having any black tea because I get kidney stones. They are not pleasant, so would like to stay clear of it in any form.

I’m guessing this is a green Tee shirt cause its green, or at least that’s the color it appears to be. See, I’ve never been tested to see if I was color blind, and would rather not risk the chance of getting another kidney stone.

I understand the description says grass, which typically means the color green, but I’ve heard of kentucky blue grass before, and don’t know how blue tea would affect me. Id hate to get a blue kidney stone, cause it would hurt me greatly to know that my kidney stone was sad cause I made it blue from wearing kentucky blue grass tee.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve found that people really dislike the idea of periods and commas in quotations; I remember having a heated discussion with my sister where she refused to punctuate properly on principal because it would ‘never feel right to her.’

Hm. I guess that says something about my family, that such is the substance of our debates!

Complicating the matter is that placing periods and commas outside the quotations is the practice ‘across the pond,’ and similarly, few people here seem to know this rule and punctuate incorrectly in advertising and on public literature. The result? Nearly every American defender of the ‘outside period and comma’ has an example to cite.

Never mind that the example they cite isn’t of proper usage, but of poor usage–the fact that they’ve seen it used in such a way seems proof enough.

As you can tell, this issue peeves me. :slight_smile:

i am disappoint.

Cute Shirt…hogtown mushroom :wink: