The Tee-V Set



Wait! The long sleeves are no longer AA?

[MOD: They are AA. Booboo on our part to see if you’re awake. You are. ]


Oh my god, WHY would you bring back the “Bake It So” apron RIGHT after I bought two random aprons from you and thus cannot justify the expense of another? Especially since I can barely fit FOOD into my budget!!


Only ONE tote?!? C’mon, I love your totes, but you never have them in the best designs. :frowning:


If you had the make it so apron, you wouldn’t have to worry about a food budget!


The long sleeve shirts are AA. The size charts & origin will be fixed momentarily.

*This was a test of the emergency poster system. Had this been a real emergency, you would have been instructed where in your area to go post your fury. *


…huh? The apron doesn’t say it comes with a replicator…


It’s implied :wink:


What about the royal blue blanks? Will “Every Legend has a beginning…” and “Who Needs Gravity” be on AA or Anvil?


From last week’s side sale and the lifted restriction in the derby, it appears that RB is back on Anvil.


Requisite why-don’t-you-have-THIS? whine: I saw the big V, and hoped it was a side sale full of v-necks. I will keep hope alive!


Well shucks. I’m back out, then.


Why couldn’t “Couldn’t Care Less Bear” be a pullover hoodie?!?!!?
i had such freakin hope!!!

weeps into coffee


Never seen Night Owl before, that’s a cool design.


Iron or Gold ::drools::


“a wild night” would of been so good as a sweatshirt! i just got an apron last week and have no need for another one.


Yay!! “Couldn’t Care Less Bear”!!! Sooooooo happy, been wanting that one for my son for a long time!


That or a Messenger Bag… Come on I need to rock it on the way to the office.


I am a Doctor Who fanatic and I own “Who Needs Gravity” and I would really like the hoodie but I just can’t get over #4 on the front - he still looks like an evil clown, I know he can’t help it, it’s the way he is drawn.


They never have the design I want in the form I want. I don’t know why I bother to look.