The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
Bah! Missed this shirt? To buy it, click here!

too hard to read it all :wink:,designs

looks like the howard 100 fist

Gil Scott Heron would be proud.

WTF!! I just bought 2 but it says 100% bought 1. GAME ON!!!

Very Orwellian

Ouch, wtf is this on here for if it was on Threadless???

NVM If it was never printed, I am ok with it.

Nice shirt though…

very cool shirt, I love how the tv’s make a fist like Rosie the Riveter…but wow that threadless link above may cause some problems here.

GASP! It’s the same shirt! By… the same… designer? And finished scoring by Threadless nearly a year ago, yet never printed?

You, sir, are a digger upper of important news. How dare this guy plagiarize his own unprinted shirt???

I had to get this shirt. Awesome design, not too hard to read, and clever.

ill admit its cool. id wear it if i was a hippy or a stoner, or both. but im neither so ill let the next person buy it.

I remember seeing this one. Loved it then, love it now. Love Tom Burn’s designs. Great shirt.

That’s right…threadless…just saw the link. I actually like the yellow more than the cream for this shirt. The yellow and red work well. Why cream?

I don’t like the description! How I Met Your Mother is the 2nd funniest show on tv (after 30 rock). Plus, as someone else posted, this EXACT shirt is on threadless. What’s up with that? And I like the colors on the other one a lot better than this one.

lol since it couldn’t cut it at the threadless voting phase, he brought a rehashed design over to woot, where clearly the competition is SHIT, and wins.

very smart :slight_smile:

awesome slogan

what is the name of the punk band, i want to listen to the song before i buy the shirt

I don’t believe it was ever printed… so he came to woot with a daily? That submission is almost a year old.

I’m not into the design at all but grats on finally getting printed.

Really neat for a picture. Not that great for a shirt, unfortunately.