The Teva Fuse-ion

I’ve got the Tevas in red, but darn it, those other ones are starting to call to me.

Read about my shoes here, if you’d like… and share your experience with Teva below!

“Then again, maybe it would be cool like knowing how D’yer Mak’er is pronounced.”

(did-you-make-her –> ja-make-er –> D’yer Mak’er)

Zep I know, but what’s a Teva?

do I get to be cool now?

You can always be cool!


Anybody know if these run small or big? I tend to be between 12 and 13.

This event forced me to look up how the song was pronounced, something I’d wondered for a while. Woot made me a smarter, more cultured individual!

I wear a 6.5 and I have the red ones in 7 and they fit fine that way.

Measuring Charts For the Win

Go bigger. I have them in red. I’m a 7.5-8 and had to get the 8

Post made me grin a lot. :slight_smile:

Can anyone comment on the width of these shoes? Do you wear them with or without socks? Are they good walking/standing around in shoes?

I’ve found reviews that seem to contradict themselves, so, since the Woot jury is so reliable, what are your opinions?

Okay, admittedly moving off topic, but, cool!


KD1357~I am one of those annoying older mall walkers and they work great for me. At first I thought the sole would be too hard, but I really like them.

I keep buying and wearing this brand because they tend to run a little wide and with plenty of room in the toe box. If you’re feet are a little on the skinny side you’d probably want to wear sox.

I have the red ones, and while they did take some time to get broken in, now I love them! Wore them all day to Pirate Invasion weekend and it was perfect for going in/out of the water and running around.

Awww… all the big boy sizes are sold out. :frowning:

Yay! Shoes in my size – I can’t believe it. I ordered a half size up. I hope they fit.

Here are some reviews from Zappos. Most people say they run wide, but a few complain about a piece that rubs against their toes.

if they dont fit, im assuming we are s.o.l?

Not necessarily! We do have a measuring chart linked a few posts up, and a general recommendation to size up if you’re between sizes from a few people (myself included). However, if you’re finding they don’t fit after all that, you can always see if someone on the boards would love to swap! :slight_smile:

Kind of curious about this myself. My feet are in a no-mans land between 10 and 10.5. Some styles go one way, some the other. Without trying these on I’m very hesitant to sink money into something that can’t be returned :-/