The Thirstiest Cookie

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Looks like a retarded pokemon.

hahahah I like the idea and the concept of this shirt

I can’t stand to hear the word “cookie”. I really can’t. I know I’m weird.

Very… weird shirt, too.

Woo Hoo!!! WAY TO CELEBRATE OBAMA!!! Bring me cookies and milk! Grats on the print, Greg!

wow that is awful. i cant even tell its a vampire.

musssstt…fee… err… drinnnkk…

Bears resemblance to that rock pokemon…

looks like the obama logo with less calories.

no really, I dont get it. At all. What for?

apparently Indiana loves disfigured anthropomorphic cookies

looks cool, but wouldnt wear it. once again, this is something that would be a sweeeet poster… if only a existed…then the world would be perfect :slight_smile:

This is a very strange shirt design. I think I want it.

best idea ever!!!

that cookie looks like it has leprosy

wow this is ridiculous. i don’t even remotely get it.

Looks like the “Toxic Avenger” version of a cookie.

Which is pretty cool.

I don’t know that anyone can top this comment.

This is going to print so huge!

Smaller designs sometimes surprise me and turn out a lot bigger than I expect. This one actually looks big on the template.


I get it woot.

I am too shocked to post. What is Woot thinking? If these came in size 1-4T they might sell out.