The Thirstiest Cookie

yeah, this thing is ridiculous. It’s going to be a massive family-guy-esque figure no one can understand, and when they ask you what the hell it is, you’ll be left as puzzled as a jigsaw.

nooo! you figured out their secret to success!

My six year old cousin can draw better than this. What is it even supposed to be?

Hm, usually I at least like the designs of the T-Shirts, but this one, I don’t even know what to make of it.

lol this one makes me laugh…but I dont think I can dump some monies on it though…

What would happen if I gave a mouse this shirt?

I like that color… just cuz I think everyone looks good in a nice shade of brown. My only question is what the froogle did the artist vomit onto it.

Is there something I don’t get?

The mouth just looks strange to me… dont like it sorry.

Why is there a molting bald prostitute on a brown T-shirt?

Not this Indiana wooter. :smiley:

Regardless, congrats on the print, Greg.

I’m not feeling this… to be honest the word “awful” comes to mind but that might be too harsh. Seriously, if you looked at the shirt without any captions what would you think? “Freaking Bizarre”. Even with the caption it’s not that funny or meaningful.

I r teh sadzorz. On the bright side there are some quality shirts working up the derby list this week!

The cookie itself looks great but the hands don’t fit as they don’t have any texture. I think it would be better with out shorter, ball-shaped hands.

So . . . this is a Cookie Monster?

The thirstiest cookie: it’s obviously baked.

pass, this shirt isn’t appealing.

not gonna lie, this shirt kinda scared me.
and then i realized it was a cookie.
and then i was confused.

hahahahaha, nice =)

I got one.

I’ll wear it out on goofy nights with friends. It’s original.

Oh you clever thing, you! This made me lawl.