The thread for word puzzles since Dname doesn't like us clogging up the 1st page with lots of seperate puzzle threads cause then she has to work to find something she wants to read and we have to be nice to her because she is a mod and can zap us all into


Did soneone kill zea?



WOO HOO! Someone listened to me!!!

Yes I did. What are we talking about?

Mr1. There was a report on you. The person found you offensive.
So I guess I’m not the only one who wanted to put you in a time out today!

I don’t know. Starting one thread for puzzles rather than a thousand a day.

I wonder if it would show up better if you guys put some blank boxes (like in the silence thread) between puzzles. That would make them easy to find.
Two or three blank boxes.

[url=is this blank enough for you?]

What was the bad word, “vagina” or “dentata?” 'cause if you never tell us, how would we ever know? If it’s either, I must note that neither of those words are typically offensive. if it’s something else, what is it?


Not yet! Y’all have been busy while I was updating. About to update again.

Yeah! One or two of those between the games should work!

Am I crazy, or did nobody put the guessed letters into the puzzle?



_ _ _ | a _ _ _ t | a | _ a _ e | _ _ | s t r _ _ | t r _ _ _ a _ | _ _ r s _ _ t

_ B C D _ F G H I J K _ M _ O P Q _ _ T U V W X Y Z
No 1 3 no N
eHal 3
Terriemeyers 1 no L
Schrobblehead 0 no X

Sigh, Schrobblehead was the only guess of a letter in the English alphabet since the last update, and that letter was already used!

Neither, it was a really old post that someone reported today.
Poor Mr1. People are out to get him.

That’s because we’re not supposed to make real guesses until you update.


Ms. name,

well, now i’m curious. what post was it?