The thread of useless knowledge!!

I once found a penny with an extra profile of Lincoln engraved on the bottom right corner of the head side. I thought it so interesting I mailed it to Boys Life magazine. Several months later they published my question along with a picture in their mailbag. Apparently it wasn’t a rare and valuable find, it was some kind of souvenir where you could have an engraving put on your coin. Or so they said. I long suspected the editor of Boys Life was living the high life after selling my coin for a million bucks (they never mailed it back).

Twice. Front profile - and on the back seated in the memorial.

I have won many of my friends’ pennies by guaranteeing I can flip their penny and have it land with Lincoln face up. Yes, many a penny indeed…

well a dime has 118 ridges around the edge

i bet they don’t taste as good as ruffles potato chips

It would really suck if people had litters of four identical nine-banded armadillos.

or even if they weren’t identical.

Male platypus have poisonous spurs on their back leg.

Binding of hemoglobin to carbon dioxide makes it less good at holding on to oxygen.

All of the clocks in the movie Pulp Fiction are stuck on the time 4:20.

I assume that is sort of the point? So that when things are dumping CO2 they got some oxygen back?

People are more likely to get upset about a game with gay marriage than one with murder.

all o yalls crazy!

Steven Seagull is the ONLY American Master of Akito- a defensive form of martial arts. He is also referred to as “The Baddest White Guy In The World.” He was called this after he was put in a ring with 25 other people and he was the last man standing.

Who puts 26 people in a ring? 25 people in a ring would make more sense.

Cows can walk upstairs, but can’t walk down.

Nope. So that when they get in the tissue, where there’s a lot of CO2 from the body’s metabolic activity, they can dump the oxygen where it’s needed. When they get to the lungs, where there’s lots more oxygen, then the CO2 binds less well and falls off, and once one oxygen molecule binds to the hemoglobin, it becomes stickier for oxygen, and it gobbles up 3 more oxygen molecules.

When babies are born, they don’t have kneecaps.

Did you know dogs and bees can smell fear?

Wow. Unlike a dog, a bee has to be careful not to get stung when smelling fear, I suppose.