The Time Is Meow

Picture makes it look like the glasses are shiny. Is that actually the case?

No, the glasses aren’t shiny on my tee. They are printed with the same ink as the rest of the shirt.

This is actually one of my favorite Woot designs. I almost always get compliments on it. I’d love to have the tank, but I’m afraid it won’t be big enough across the chest.

American Apparel not available for Tees for The Time Is Meow? Oh, well… not interested.

Temporarily out of stock. The sizes should all be back, soon, though.

I would be interested in the hoodie for my cat obsessed daughter, but wondering if the hood on the back will cover part of the design? That would sort of defeat the purpose.

Good, but if it’s after the $5 all day shipping is gone then I won’t be ordering…

All fixed up! You can purchase with free shipping. :slight_smile: