The Time is Meow

You don’t make shirts for cat owners in black…

Unless they have a black cat, of course.

Actually, I have a couple of brown & white cats (Snowshoes) and I don’t really have a problem with wearing black shirts. I think maybe it’s the breed, they just aren’t big shedders (though I do find the occasional cat-hair tumbleweed).



all shirt.Woot-off so far, right?

I’m surprised/impressed they have waited so long.

What would a shirt-off be without cat shirts? :meh:

Fun fact: The cat used in this design only wears sunglasses at night.

He also barfs… like… everyday.

To make the shirt more realistic, one must add hair from own cat.

one can never have enough cat shirts!!! super excited

As a dog owner, I have 45+ cat shirts. :slight_smile: I’m wearing BootsBoots’ “Mine!” today, though.


Not really my thing (I prefer my cat shirts cartoony), but I think my daughter will loooove it. Thanks!

Sweeet I missed this one when it was on the Ochopika side sale. So yay! Discount!

I’m trying to get someone to do a cartoon drawing of my dog, to put on a t-shirt. I talked to fablefire (and a couple others), but she said she is really busy, at the moment.