The Toasty Roger

Lives in Texas and is not amused -_-

So, if I read the title correctly, that means the marshmallow’s name is roger.

I get the play on the skull and crossbones, but marshmallows without graham crackers is still wrong.

I guess chocolate and graham cracker are at the camp across the lake.

You’re the biggest winner today! Great work Robert.

The burn marks make it look like the marshmallow is blushing… but it’s not, inside it’s crying. In Pain! OH GOD!!!

Cool! I wasn’t going to stay up so this is a nice surprise.

Pretty creepy writeup though…

Oh Robert…

I actually kinda like this idea. And if you order it with overnight, you could wear it for International Talk Like A Pirate Day on the 19th.

Hmmm piratey AND a gooey center? MMmmm… I mean, ARRRGH!

I find this in poor taste! Then again I’m in Texas and half the state is on fire so, I’m not going to take it personally.

Oh, this must be the mascot for the anti-Smokey campaign. “Everything is better burned!” says Toasty Roger, “Especially me!”

:wink: Congrats, Robert.

Also not thrilled with the rename but my original name also stunk (“camping jolly roger”). What SHOULD have this been called?

Looks pretty jolly to me!

Oh jeez, the cuteness!! I think my blood sugar might have actually just spiked from just looking at it… Gah.

If I get the pun right, then this must be a Jolly Roger that’s toastier than a normal Jolly Roger so it’s called a Toasty Roger?

…man, I’m bad at puns.


“Gooey Threepwood” <— which, you’d probably only get if you knew about “Monkey Island”… however, that could be considered a stretch.

Congrats ThatRobert! Cool shirt. er, warm shirt?

Also, by my highly unscientific research, this marks the second time a former derby entry has been printed later as a daily, though the first was not significantly re-designed, as Robert has done here.

How about, “Oh burned!”. That has a nice ring to it.

JK! I remember you mentioning the similarity back when this was a derby entry…

Something just dawned on me, when you look at the burning logs and the relative size of the marshmallow as compared to the logs you can draw but one conclusion:

that marshmallow is huge!

I’m pretty sure it’s more than 2, but it’s definitely rare.