The Tools.Woot Garage Sale

Dang! I paid $30 each for those sawhorses back in January and haven’t even used them yet! :frowning:

That’ll teach you to buy from us.


Excellent, I’ve finally found my Low Profile Large Knife…mwahahahahaha.

I saw this item a few months ago at a Brookstone (the anti-Woot)
Both a sales rep and I tried unsuccessfully to figure out … what are the 23 tools? We got to 22, but then …
Here are some from memory and the pix:
16 Driver Bits
1 Level
1 Hammer
1 Tape Measure
1 Magnet
1 Flashlight

2 to go …

well, the driver without a bit could be used as a 1/4" nut driver?

and I bet they are counting the driver twice since it can be used fully extended and at a 90 degree angle kind of like a T handle.

This might help?

I’ll buy it for a dollar from you.

How about it?