The Tools.Woot Garage Sale

Stay away from the LED road flares. I tried the orange ones last time (despite the complaints others had about their previous experiences) and wound up having to send them back. Of 6, 4 had switches that didn’t click (and therefore, didn’t work). Of the two that did click, only one worked. 5 of 6 were bad. And, the charging didn’t appear to behave as the directions implied, either.

LeakFrogs! YAY!!!

Oops, I just threw mine into my trunk so it will be available when/if I need it. I guess I had better test each light… Thanks for the heads-up.

That tile saw dude’s fingers are really close to the blade…good thing its just poor product display.

Dawg, you can actually touch the blade of a tile saw when it is running. Wont hurt a thing. Does not work the same way a regular saw does.

The description for the Leakfrogs says they take 3 AAA batteries. Is this correct? (IIRC the ones I previously purchased took a 9v.)

Both pairs I’ve gotten in the last year or so have taken 3 AAA batteries.


My previous order for 2 of these was during my first woot off, Aug 17, 2006.

We LOVE our Leak Frogs, true blue (green) companions for years.

Add to that, they are $1 cheaper today than they were 9 years ago. Dare to say they’ve aged better than I…


Bought a pair the year before last. Put one under kitchen sink and the other under my basement bar sink , and forgot all about it.

One morning last November woke up with a strange sound that kept on beeping.
We all wondered and started looking around until I discovered that the frog in the basement was cricking .
Turned out it wasn’t the bar sink that leaking but the garden hose behind my house which located right next to the sink A WALL AWAY and from the outside that was leaking . It was just a month into the frigging mid-west winter , the pipe could have just froze and I would eventually dealing with bursted pipe , a very costly and common mistake that homeowners tend to do it every year.

To make it short , this is a wonderful product , you won’t regret it . It will save you a bunch in near future .

I’d already armed with these frogs all around the house where water exists but still tempting every time I see it here . Maybe just a few to give it to my brothers and a few close friends ?

Sound’s just like musics to the ears!

The LeakFrog I put in my laundry room 3 years ago saved me thousands of dollars when it alerted me that my hot water heater had sprung a leak. I’m upgrading to a model that will let me mount the alarm outside of the laundry room. If I hadn’t been awake when the HWH started leaking, I would have never heard it.

$2 more expensive for a two pack today than on 11/09/2010 when I bought them.

Stock up on Leak Frogs now - they make great stocking stuffers, wedding shower gifts, back to college gifts, and are great for the Office Chinese Gift Exchange.