The Tools.Woot Garage Sale

Hi Woot,
You might want to verify dimensions as they don’t match up to the same item on Amazon and other sites.

The APEC water system is one helluva deal. I did not get my system from Woot and paid more, but I’ve had mine for several years and love it. No problems, water quality is great and install is easy With good instructions. I even have it “T-d” off to my fridge ice machine and ice cubes are clear and tasteless. Highly recommend.

Where’s the free stuff pile? Will you take a buck for that there item?

Which item are you referring to?

“APEC Reverse Osmosis Filtration- Your Choice” only lists the ROES-50 for sale, but the description includes ROES-75 and ROES-90. Did they sell out already or did the monkeys forget them?

Is the RO-90 sold out? I couldn’t find an option to purchase it!

Sorry for the delay you guys- there are no options on that one, we just have the ROES-50.

The work bench.

Does the APEC 50 AF Reverse osmosis system also remove nitrates?

Hunter fan
Stay away from anything with less than 5000cfm for airflow. Otherwise your not moving much air. Especially for a 52" fan.
Unless your going to just use it for a light fixture.

This shows the model number as ROES-50-A; the company does not offer this with the “-A” at the end of the model, what gives?

The four-in-one light by Striker … how bright is the lamp, please?

where’s the pole saw in the picture at? I could’ve used that

LED bulbs say 66 cents in the specs, and 72 in the picture…