The Top Nine Hoodies OF ALL TIME!



Still hoping for an UnNinja hoodie someday.


How many times??? ZIP UP hoodies, not pullover!!


i just received my zip up hoodie and well…i guess it has been so long since i wore anything that was not all cotton that i forgot why i don’t wear stuff that’s polyester…ewww…50/50 … don’t know if i am going to be able to wear it its that like bad Santa suit fuzzy on the inside when i got the hoodie it was fused together from applying the design…ill be a static cling, sweating in the cold girl…but of course that just me…i just forgot how 50/50 feels…o yea i really feel the zip up hoodies are more like the 4 dollar hoodies you get at the cheesy flea market. i miss my old woot…sniff sniff


Everyone needs Angry Day in their life. I wear it all the frigging time at work. The only downside is that I have to tell people the SHIRT is angry. I am even-tempered.


Mine was “fused together” too. I just peeled it apart and put it on over one of my ugly Christmas sweaters t-shirt. No static at all, and really comfy.

Yeah the zippers are not the greatest, still…I’d rather have the extra room around my neck with a zip-up. If I wanted to feel strangled by clothing I’d just wear a scarf wrapped “mummy-style” around my neck all day.

Pretty sure “old woot” didn’t have ANY hoodies (or aprons, or totes, or mugs, or greeting cards, or long sleeve t’s) at all, just t-shirts. Although they’re not the AA blanks, the t-shirts are still 100% cotton.


I received a t-shirt that was fused together from printing, and still sticky inside after washing as well. I emailed woot, and had a new non-fused shirt 2 days later :slight_smile:


Doesn’t matter, since they don’t have the right sizes anyway. Fail.


Please note:

We’ll ship these Wild Nines your way on December 19th!

If you want them in time for something, consider overnight shipping.


PS: This is a grumpy thread so far. Where’s the holiday spirit?


Not all grumpy…I love the prints!

…and someone else gave you kudos for customer service.


I love my Zombeer hoodie.

I think this marks the third time it’s being sold as a hoodie?


The “It Came Out of Nowhere” hoodie is printed on “Sport Grey”. Can anyone tell me if that’s sort of a heather like it looks in the picture, or a solid grey? If it’s heather I’m not sure I want it.



I’m tired of side sales that consist of things that have already been in special side sales like a million times previously. Nevermore again, It came out of nowhere again, The Binge again, Some motivation required again…


I wish all designs worked well on both pullover and zip up, but I can see where they might not translate well. Personally, very excited to get another shot at the “It Came Out of Nowhere” hoodie. :slight_smile:

I read the forums to get my dose of angry days. :wink:


O.K. What number did the Run Away! Run Away! hoodie come in at? 10, 11, 12? Please I need it and I want it and it is freezing here at the Rabbit Ranch. Please help an old Rabbit Lady stay warm on the farm and at the Frozen Friends Rabbit Shows. You are already printing the Tee Shirts, so I know you have the glow in the dark ink. The Rabid Rabbit Lady


Yes! I can finally get the Angry Day hoodie!!! And OMG I am fail. I missed this hoodie last time because I couldn’t figure out when the sale ended and I’m lazy and always buy stuff at the last moment.
For instance I just missed the Danger Science or whatever it was called hoodie because of a similar last minute time related error.
Of course I am so much fail that I bought the $18 Angry Day back cataloge shirt (because of course I missed it when it was a shirt previously as well) AND because of an error (clearly Woot’s fault I am perfection) bought two Angry Day shirts so I’ll end up with three of these because there is no way I am letting myself miss this hoodie by putting it of the the last second again. $61 for this desgin! I could have bought like a month’s supply of coffee with that money.

Any suggestions on how sizing compares to shirts so I don’t make the amount of money I am spending here a waste? I buy large mens sizes so they are loose the medium is probably the right size shirt for me.


I want to have holiday spirit, I do! So I will bookend my whine:

FA LA LA LA LA I would so love to have Some Motivation Required in a zip-up hoodie that I could wear while I run LA LA LA LA!


I got the Fractal Tree hoodie in a random sale and I get tons of compliments on it.


what was the theme for Angry Day shirt? was that fictitious holidays?