The Toshiba Tablet & Notebook Cabin

Hey, look… a NEW (not refurbished, like here) Excite 7 tablet is almost 10% CHEAPER on Amazon after free shipping. Go figure - yet another very typical non-deal here on Amazon’s clearing house. Actually, it’s simply a rip-off - they are selling new tablets on Amazon and then dumping refurbished models here at a higher price.

(Please tell me I am missing something, Woot!, because, otherwise, this is getting ridiculous. I do find some deals here, but now rarely so, and I am increasingly tempted to finally just leave woot!)


We’ve lowered our price. If you already purchased, that money will hop back in your pockets soonish.

The Radius is cheaper through Toshiba: - $589.99 with free shipping direct from manufacturer vs $599.99 on Woot.

On a related note - does anyone have this laptop, and how’s the performance? Can you access the hard drive to replace with an SSD? I am really tempted to get this - my biggest concern is performance complaints that almost all cite the slow hard drive as the cause, so I would want to upgrade that component. Any advice appreciated.

Working in the desktop/laptop support role, anyone got any info on how well the hinges hold up on these babies? My experience is, that’s about the weakest point on the wear and tear chart.