The Treat-y Of Pets Phalia

What the hell is that poor hound wearing?

For those of you that were worried about chinese chicken treats that killed many pets, the Yumzies are made in the USA.

That is Roxy, a rescue pup. She has more clothes than her owner. She comes in the office sporting an outfit every day. She seems to like them.

EDIT: She’s also in this week’s video.

Hmm. I wonder if that Pet Corrector will work on my wife and kids.

Wouldn’t work on our pup. Cat hisses at him all the time. No change in behavior at all.

Ebay seller is offering Pronyl. Disappointed but then again it’s Sargeants which is poor quality items.
This appeared to be a bargain until we saw the other prices online. :frowning:

No but it might work on you. :slight_smile: