The Truth About Cats (and Some People)



Love this! It’s so my cats! And, the perfect birthday present for myself! :slight_smile:


Freaky. Not only is this my kitto’s attitude but it looks like her, too.


This cat has betrayed the Cat Code of Secrecy. He must be silenced.


Harsh, darn cute, but harsh ; )


Ha ha ha, this is my kitty. Feed me or I will cry forever.


It’s like an emblem for a secret society of cats. Like a cat version of the Illuminati.


Nonsense. They are also there to wage psychological warfare on us.


…for food.

It all comes back to the Fancy Feast Turkey Soufflé with Garden Veggies and Egg.


Suspiciously reminiscent of Sushi Cat.


Mine’s more like “feed me now or die in your sleep”


That’s why my cat can’t leave. The last time he caught a small lizard, he held it in his mouth for a moment, then spit it out when it started to move. He looks longingly out the door, but he knows if he leaves he’ll starve to death in a swamp full of food.


Love the design! Trying to cut back on my t-shirt habit, but I had to have this.

Side note: Curse you stupid government! Tax, seriously? UGH!


Do they have this in a Cat’s Large? One of my cats could use this to help translate to humans. They always mistakenly think that she likes them.


The Cat Union meets tonight.
Sanctions will be swift !
If you buy this shirt, don’t be surprised if your cat pees on it.


I fall into the (Some People) category. It’s not that my wife has boring friends or anything, they just lack awesomeness.


I’d use the kid sizes for that.


uh oh…is this true? So it’s just like B.B. King’s song…“nobody loves me but my mother, and she could be jivin’ too”


Most cats wear infant sizes (and shapes), 0-3 mo or 3-6 mo. Do not ask me how I know that.

On a totally unrelated note, woot needs to offer onesies and infant tees.