The Tyger

Very pretty! Would be an awesome tattoo, methinks!

Nice design ramyb! I admit I’m not usually a fan of your more cutesy creations, but this shirt is right up my alley. In for one.

Another extreme cinnamon 5gum advertisement!

Way cooler than any of those Ghostrider movies.

The second I saw it was spelled with a “Y,” I giggled with glee.
As an English major, I just have to say… I don’t have any explanation for stanza 1’s weird rhyme, either.

Eye of the tyger?

Obviously someone didn’t watch the second Ghostrider.

Ghostrider’s pet cat.

Fear my symmetry people!

Honestly I don’t know anyone who watched the second Ghostrider.

Is there a message in the artist bio?

I have the same tiger air-brushed on the side of my van. Although, mine is fighting a unicorn, so it’s waaay more bad-ass.

Anyway… do you kids want some candy? Come on in.

Reminds me of the awesomeness of the three wolves shirt, hopefully this helps me while I’m out on the prowl.

You’ve come a long from from turtles, penguins, and rabbits Grasshopper.

Even Balrogs need kitty cats to play with!

Reminds me of a ferocious fall I took while snowboarding once.

and no one has said: needs more forest? Lot of night, lot of tiger…but where’s the forest? Green can glow too. Nice flame flow though.

Ah, the beast may seem fearsome, and indeed it does appear to burn with an inner ferocity. However, I cannot help but think how timid and how tamed the burning bright beast would be were I to confront it with a simple bucket of water.

Will I get this one mixed up with my Foxfall shirt? Probably. Do I care? Nope.