The UI/UX is so crappy

Where’s a decent back button on your site? I need some kind of accessibility option as I can’t help it when I accidentally hit an additional key press or something and your site just moves on to the next random page away from what I am trying to do. The native back button on my phone just exits completely out of your app. The only reason I can even write in your forums is that it saves what I have typed so I can come back (I have already accidentally exited the forums 3 times writing this).

I was trying to do the Digital Crap thing and checked to see if I won. It went to the prize screen, where there was the coveted Bag O’ Crap, but then I must have did the thing where I accidentally touch something and the screen went away and there’s no way to get back to it. I tried going back through the Digital Crap but you can only do that once a day. There seems to be no way to get back to the screen were I can add it to my cart.

Not everybody is fully able-bodied in all aspects; my particular handicap that affects me on your site is fine motor control and shaky fingers. I am sure I am not alone, and the frustration from not having a reliable way to go back one screen on your site is making me feel like you are not accommodating people with disabilities on your website.

As Domino’s just recently lost a lawsuit around accessibility to a blind guy who could not use their app to order a pizza, I would like to know what your overall site policy is around accessibility and how you propose to ensure that people like me can fully access and participate in all of the features of your website. Do you have a link to your accessibility policy? Can you tell me the specific steps your company plans to take to address my issue of not being able get back to a screen that I have just left?

Thank you very much.

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I want in on the lawsuit.

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Sometimes, it’s more of a punishment to actually spend the money on a BOC.
Not getting one saves you money with equal disappointment.
Even on a computer, a shaky person like me has to try many, many times before actually getting one. I usually end up with nothing.

ps… what the heck is UI/UX?

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I’m sorry you missed out on getting a bag of crap. You aren’t the first person to say they’ve done something like that, and it could definitely stand to be improved. I hope the devs at Woot will take your suggestion into consideration.

I would suggest, however, that you might take a gentler approach to your suggestions. I can understand that you’re frustrated – I have motor skill issues, as well, and hit the wrong buttons, etc., all the time – but your post reads more like a threat instead of a suggestion. I can promise Woot’s CTO, @wajeremy, does care about the app and about our user experiences. I think if you ask you’ll find that he wants to help and it’s not any sort of intentional oversight.


User interface / user experience.

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I appreciate your advice, but I have found that in many cases when dealing with situations where there is a large power imbalance (single user vs. subsidiary app of Amazon), being able to leverage news of a recent surprising court decision around accessibility is the only way to get the attention of the Powers That Be on these issues.

It would be great if I could expect that I could politely mention a problem I am facing and expect a rapid and effective immediate response but you and I both know that isn’t how the world usually works. You have “name-dropped” the CTO in your reply, let’s see if that has the intended effect.

I really am very interested in seeing if Woot has a published, easily reached/linked accessibility policy already in place. It is an area that is rapidly growing as people are becoming more and more comfortable with online shopping. Given Amazon’s domination of this market, seeing how this small part of Amazon addresses my questions will likely reflect how Amazon as a whole chooses to face online accessibility concerns.

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What other cases? Do you do this often?

I’ve been disabled all my life and have had to deal with various places about stuff like this. Starting off with something friendly is usually better, in my opinion. If they fail to respond in a manner you feel is appropriate, then bring out the bigger guns and take it to a higher level. But if you start off putting them on the defensive, they may not respond as well. I would think showing them how they can be part of the solution instead of trying to make them feel guilty for something they are probably completely unaware of would be more effective.

If you have a bad experience at a restaurant, what are you more likely to do – talk to a manager to address your concerns on a reasonable manner or jump straight to talking about lawsuits? Give Woot a chance first to see what can be done. You’ll find a lot of Woot employees are here on the forums on a regular basis and take user concerns to heart.

Also note, Woot is a subsidiary of Amazon and not Amazon itself. What goes for Woot isn’t likely to go for the mothership.


I think we’re the only two woot customers who have that.

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You’re missing out on suing for a MILLION DOLLARS

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I’d just spend it on

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The app game boc page needs a share feature. I could buy it because 31 day rule. By the time I figured out a way to send a link to it, it sold out.

You are probably right. I was very frustrated in the moment, and it was not the first time I had this experience on this site.

(Side note: I just managed to completely delete my first reply to you and cannot seem to restore it.)

I had replied that I personally have not done this before at all, but have read about other people’s failed attempts before, so it was a vicarious sense of “I have found…”

Yes. I see the back arrow. Do you really think I was missing something so obvious?

Go play the Daily Digital game, win it,and get to the “See what you won” page. Once there, navigate away from that page (accidentally or not) and see if you can find any “back arrow” or any other wayto get back to that page.

See my reply above. There was no back arrow available.

I don’t want to sue for a million dollars. I want to be able to participate in the website like everyone else and not have a disability hinder my fair participation in the site’s offerings.

Are you really choosing to mock that heartfelt desire and the frustration that goes along with facing barriers? That’s rough, man.

Thanks for sharing your concerns on the Digital Crap feature and the suggestion to add the capability to go backwards in the app in the case of an inadvertent click. We’re sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had. It’s important to us that all customers enjoy their Woot shopping experience, and your feedback is important. We will take your thoughts into serious consideration as we continually work to enhance the app. Thank you!


Hells yes I was teasing about the MILLION DOLLAR lawsuit. lol.

When it comes to missing out on BoCs, we’ve all been there, man. That’s part and parcel of the “Woot BOC experience” That’s pretty much a universal thing that happens to everybody trying to get one.

I daresay that’s more than half the fun. : )