The Ultimate Answer in ASCII

Hooray! Thank you everyone who voted!

Dolphins are a graceful touch…

I voted for this! :slight_smile: Unfortunately I literally have no money right now. So sad! :frowning:

Well conceived design and well executed. Kudos.

Great artwork. Ascii art is not an easy task, especially colored ascii.

Please stop. I am still broke.

this would be awesome embroidered on a shirt.

I am sooo confused. What do the dolphins represent?
If anyone can explain this lovely shirt to me, i’d sure appreciate it!

This has nothing to do with Clay. This is a reference from the Book(by Douglas Adams) and Movie “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”. 42 is the answer of the most asked question in the world and the dolphins are an intelligent life form from another universe. :slight_smile: I recommend reading and/or watching the british comedy HGTG! This is an awesome shirt nonetheless!

It’s a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference. 42 is the answer to the meaning of everything and the dolphins are from so long and thanks for all the fish, one of the books in the series.

I thought this shirt was about Hitchhilers Guide To The Galaxy and the Ultimate Answer! 42 and with dolphins being the second smartest beings on earth and all . . .

I have never been a fan of shirts I have to explain to 95% of the people that see it…

As a member of the 95%, I am abandoning woot!

The BBC audio version is my favorite.

Why ask the question if you already know the answer ???

Is this printed on the front AND back or just the front?

What does the back look like?
… midnight?

Wow. Some people have no sense of humor. The write up is supposed to be funny because it’s completely wrong. Although I think that the shirt working in two ways is pretty awesome. Tell your friends that are dolphins fans about it.

Hitchiker’s, Discworld, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, I wonder why the most eccentric fiction seems to come from the UK? Maybe it’s island madness. @-@

Love this shirt.

Absolutely agree! I’ve listened to the BBC audio broadcast and enjoyed it even more than reading the books. :slight_smile: