The Ultimate Matrix Collection Limited Edition Collector’s Set





Not again… :frowning: 3rd time I have seen this sold… ugh


EDIT: WTF, I just saw the matirx collectors edition. but after a refresh…its back to the yellow remote controlled car.!!!11




Two, Two… Two woots at once! :’)


Wow… that’s weird. Does this mean that this is the next item up?


So, is this a joke, or a preview? :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess Neo has to wait for another 10 mins!



or maybe they’re as tired as we are?


woot is drunk like the rest of us


theres a woot off checking script at <a href=“”></a>


Somewhere the Ghost of Petromanns is smiling…


There is a Glitch in the Matrix…dejavu all over again


You should consider upgrading your version to the cache one.

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About cache: The cache version only hits woot server once every 10-20 seconds non cache version hits for each time the page is loaded this puts extreme stess on the woot server. So cache saves woot.


Is everyone else as confused as I?


This better be the next item, ‘cause I want to buy it, and the freakin’ car is taking forever to sell.


quote user=“RyanAdams1337”]Is everyone else as confused as I?

No we understand computers and servers pretty well and when “The Matrix” is involved things are…different…


THis is $35 or so on EBay. $39.95 Shipped at Amazon.


Where do these keep coming from?


Didn’t I buy three of these like last Sept. I thought woot had already cleaned these out of storage?