The Ultimate Tea Experience

Bad form Woot. I got the smaller kit a couple weeks back. Rude.

how is the flowering tea?

I guess I better brush up on my tea knowledge to understand this offering.

You can use this teapot on a gas stove no problem, I think, but if you have an electric range, invest in one of those wire things so it doesn’t touch the element. Otherwise, it’ll be shatter-riffic. Just remember, like they teach you the first day in chem lab - “Hot Glass Looks Just Like Cold Glass!”

The teas are kind of meh, though.

What good are the 4 storage jars? Tea needs to stored in sealed containers that shield out the light!

yeah seriously, this has a better pot too. But I guess 20 dollars or so was my limit

That one was a 40oz pot. Think how small this 32oz pot will be.
And that glass handle seems to be easier to break compared to the plastic on the other.

If only I could get this overnighted for Mother’s Day, I’d be in for 2. It does give me an idea, though, and off to Amazon I go for similar (but surely more expensive) presents.

I would put anything BUT tea in those glass jars. There are 2 things you don’t want getting at your tea if you want to keep it fresh: light and air. These look far from air-tight.

Put m&ms or something in these, and keep the tea in the zip-lock pouches they give you.

would be nice for mother’s day… whats with the lack of speedy shipping option woot?

Flowering tea is an awesome show, especially with the ones that expand and rise up to the surface (a flower that is). Good products for teas.

As far as storing tea goes, make sure it is an airtight container that will preserve the leaves.

Stovetop safe applies to a glass top electric stove?

Where was this teapot made?

The smaller set from the previous woot was a better deal. 20$ for a larger pot and teas you’re really not going to drink. The price for that set was worth the teapot alone.

I bought some of this Primula flowering tea at Whole Foods. The tea looked very pretty once the sewn tea leaves had ‘bloomed’, but the flavor is very subtle. If you try to make a whole pot with one flowering tea pod, it will taste like nothing. I used one to make 4 cups of tea and it came out okay.

I believe it was 9.99 for six flowering teas alone, so this is definitely much cheaper than retail. It’s very nice for guests because it’s novel.

This might technically be stove top safe - but it’s going to get too hot to handle. You really should use a tea kettle with this to heat the water, and pour the hot water into the tea pot to actually steep the tea. That’s how it’s done anyway.

But be prepared to do extra cleaning to keep the glass tea pot clean. It’ll look very cool initially, but any laziness will dispel that quickly. And drink the tea quickly - glass doesn’t keep heat in very well, so this is best for several people drinking one or at most two cups each, not for a leisurely morning reading the paper.

Where is this set made? Does anyone know? Not too keen on glass from China.

Pricing this out on Amazon:

The teapot, jars, and loose tea go for about $35:

But the green tea flowers go for another $72, and that’s before you pay the crazy shipping charge that merchant is asking:

Looks like the absurd volume of tea is what really makes this deal worth it.

in for one. hope the flowering tea is good as there are so many. awesome deal though.