The Ultimate Tea Experience

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One of my friends got this the last time it was up and loves it. She says the teapot was very high quality.

The green tea tubes retail for $72 on their own (unless that price has changed), so great price here.

this would make a cool fish tank

Is the Tea Sweet? That is the only kind for me.

Great gift for that co-worker who keeps bothering you about the Tea Party.

douglatf prices it out on a previous Woot:

Hmmmm. An old Wunda Wunda song. How would anyone from St. Louis have known that…? The Seattle guys must be taking over.

Product Website

Glass teapot selection:
This is one of MANY online sites, but this is one that I’ve used for many years to supply both residential AND commercial locations with “one-off” requests. Cheaper than going through a wholesale supplier with minimums and good selection - AWESOME customer service & support.

Suggestion for learning about tea:
The Official United Kingdom Tea Council.

Looks like a good deal, but the glass containers shouldn’t be used to store the tea. Just FYI. Though keeping tea in something airtight is the most important thing, light degrades the quality of tea as well. So leaving them in the bags would be best. That being said though, I’m sure it would be easy enough to find another good use for the jars.

About flowering tea.

…and a YouTube video.

I bought this for my wife from a previous Woot! She said it tasted like crawdaddy infested ditch water.

Just out of curiosity how does your wife know what crawdaddy infested ditch water tastes like??

Does she have real life experience or is she guessing? :wink:

I got this last time and was very impressed by the flowering tea that blooms as it steeps and the clear teapot is perfect for it. I’m in for 2 this time for the tea itself and I can regift the rest at the proper times, you know, birthdays, holidays, Red Hat Society gatherings, or if my British friends visit.

Could this possibly be reconfigured for the “Ultimate Long Island Iced Tea Experience?”

What a great name for a band!


Is this just for brewing in the sun or will it also work on the stovetop? I don’t see where it mentions anything about that part??