The Umbrellas

this shirt is raining color


It’s gonna rain!!

Talk about coming from behind! Congrats Chris! This was definitely worthy of printing!

Wow, the second colorful water shirt in a row from Woot. Congrats, cmdixon2!

This shirt is gorgeous. I’m so glad it printed - now to convince my husband he needs to wear it…

Is this what “It’s Raining Men” would actually look like?

Acid rain will really mess up your day. And the environment.

Sweet @$$ tee! Congrats Cmdixon!

It looks like there was a slight manufacturing error at the umbrella factory…

Funny is you go to today you have a guy that isnt prepared for this rainbow storm these fine people are prepared for.

I actually said, out loud, “You’re KIDDING me!” I said this in an annoyed tone.

The reason is that I just bought yesterday’s shirt, and I haven’t been keeping up with this derby (even though it’s an awesome one) and now I’m going to be FORCED to buy a second shirt in a row?! COME ON MAN

=) Obviously I’m joking, because this shirt is awesome. But I really did say that out loud without meaning to, that part wasn’t a joke.

This is a solid shirt overall, but it’s the dog with paw prints that really sells it for me.

Freddie Wong will explain the meaning of DOUBLE RAINBOWS to you.

All the people have apparently non-color-safe umbrellas. They’re staying dry(ish). What about the dog, though? WHAT ABOUT THE DOG?!!

The dog should at least get a poncho. Poor little guy.

Better than raining men…


Inb4 a Rihanna reference

I’m pretty sure that can’t be good for the environment…