The Unstealthiest Ninja: Flight School

I didn’t even wait for the image to finish loading, saw the title and the artist and clicked ‘buy now’

I feel like it’s time that The Unstealthiest Ninja got his own children’s Book or something.

10% finders fee!

When will he learn

Here we go again. Not in a rush to buy - this one will be around for a while.

DoOomcat, another great sequel in the UN story. Thanks for making another great one.

(I want it, so very much. But I can’t. Every time I’ve purchased a shirt since the switch, things just go horribly wrong. But this shirt will be added to my “covet and want” list!)


I love this series. That ninja is such a derp.

What I was thinking.

Yeah! The Un-ninja is back! I will add this to my collection as soon as bank account permits.

I second this. Or an animated series. Get on it Dooomcat!

A nice addition to the set, good work.

It’d be nice if there were an option of paying slightly more for an AA version of this shirt!

Yay! Unstealthiest Ninja is back ^^

I love the color scheme on this one :smiley: congrats Doomact! I second the animated series idea!:smiley:

Oh UnNinja, how I love you! Another one for me and my son.

This one makes me think of the Pandaria expansion for Warcraft.

I just love these shirts!!! Seeing his tummy is super cute, but I don’t think anything can top his water wingys.

I believe the write up for the first shirt called the Unstealthiest ninja a she. I could be wrong, but maybe there’s a reason the shirt only shows the belly. Also on the first shirt, s/he is dropping her/his sai, and in this one the ninja with the sai is still on the dragon. Are more than one of them Unstealthy ?, I have to buy this shirt for my collection, but there is nothing stealthy about a dragon flying around with a bunch of ninjas on its back to begin with. Still, if I can’t wait to see what’s next.

haven’t bought a shirt from here in a while after the different shirt manufacturer. may have to pick this up just to complete the collection.

Have the shirts gotten any better since they switched to the Honduras ones?

Oh, I so wanted to get the Unstealthiest Ninja shirt where he was on fire, but alas since my ten year old sincerely believes he is a ninja it would have hurt his feelings to think that his father and I both wanted the shirt because we’re actually raising the Unstealthiest Ninja. Ha!

Well, since no one else had said it yet, I just gotta. Dreamworks Pictures presents, “How to Train Your Ninja.”