The Unstealthiest Ninjas

Most excellent side sale idea! Except maybe the purple one. :sunglasses:

Look at you guys covering all the bases, and it couldn’t have happened to a better series of shirts!

Congrats Doomcat, well deserved!

Oh, so many choices…

I almost didn’t see this deal. Thank goodness for the unstealthy dude.

Now, if you’re ordering this shirt in women’s sizes, the print is SMALL - especially noticeable on the WXL. You’ve been warned. You may now continue enjoying your DoOomcats.

Ooooh! After Narfcake purchases all the UnNinjas, I can “rescue” the little squishies from his t-shirt bunker!

I wish that there was a “bundle” price for three of the same kind of shirt (i.e.: one each of the short-sleeved T’s for $35).

What! No bags or aprons?

I love the Unstealthy Ninja shirts! I have all 3 t-shirts, wish I had more money so I could get some of the hoodies or jackets.

Do these use the newfangled screen printing method used when ordering from all designs, or the old one that doesn’t suck? I ordered a few old styles in larger sized because I got fat, and the color and quality of the designs is quite inferior. They kinda feel like a tarp.

The “newfangled” printing isn’t screen printing. It’s digital printing. What you do want is screen printing. As of this time, all side sales have been screen printed. Unless stated otherwise, it’s screen printing.

Besides, shirt wooters killed the digital printer for weeks to come. They’re so backed up they don’t even know when they’ll be caught up.

or posters!

Or greeting cards

I actually got my Unstealthiest Ninja I as a result of a Random Shirt sale (yes, I bought three - the other two were Ugly Christmas Sweater 2011 and Using Your Melon.) It never moved me enough to buy it before it was reckoned, however since receiving it I wear it frequently.

I’m considering springing for the zip-up hoodie, but the design on the back seems rather small, and maybe just a tad bit too high. Who already owns one of these fancy pieces of outerwear and can tell me whether or not my concerns are justified?

Thank you so much for bringing them back woot! Finally bought the last one for my boyfriend. He’ll have the whole collection now. This made my day!

Would it be possible to merge Unstealthiest Ninja II and Unstealthiest Ninja II? It’s showing up twice in the back catalog because of the difference in URLs, and any links from around the site (such as when people posted in the thread for UnNinja3, the old Reckonings, etc.) link to the “dead”/“sold out” shirt… and we all want people to buy shirts, right? :slight_smile:

This is a great idea, a grouping of designs in the four main apparel styles. DO THIS MORE.

I’ll pass it on. Not sure if there was method behind that madness or not. Thanks for pointing it out.


Another vote for this! I want all three hoodies but $75-90 is a slight bit steep for this lil-Wooter in Woot-landia. A small discount for a “bundle deal” and my good-deal-justification powers will kick in!

My 8 year old son absolutely loves these. Great timing as he’s outgrowing is Unstealthiest Ninja 1 shirt. Maybe I should get multiples in various sizes to cover him until he can get a job and buy his own.