The Untold Paso Robles Cab Sauvignon (6)

The Untold Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
Sold by: Middleton Family Wines
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2013 The Untold Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles

After embarrassing myself recently with a whiny post about the Grape Debater program followed by an even more pathetic (albeit sincere) retraction, I slunk out of here with my tail between my legs and decided to lay low for awhile. So of course an unexpected Debater bottle showed up 2 days later. Well played, Universe…

Found a door tag stuck to my front door Saturday after returning from an all day funeral service/burial/luncheon. Initially assumed it was for one of my several outstanding orders until I noticed that it was sent via FedEx Express and weighed only 3 lbs. Realized at that point that it was likely a Debater bottle and if I waited until after Labor Day to pick it up it might be too late. I rushed to the FedEx facility and luckily arrived just a few minutes before closing.

Once back home, I opened the box to find a bottle of 2013 The Untold Cabernet Sauvignon. I saw the screw cap and thought “Washington state” but it is in fact from Paso Robles. The front and back labels are reminiscent of Woot Cellars Pouracle which was just offered before this. The label said “Twist the cap to unlock your fate”. Indeed.

The wine is a deep garnet color in the glass with aromas of dark red fruits, leather, a little heat and a touch of menthol. After additional swirling, the dark red fruits seemed to be dominated by cherry/raspberry and there was also a spice note on the nose.

On the palate, there is black cherry, currant, kirsch and fresh-picked plum. Sweet tobacco leaf and mocha powder show up on the mid-palate and a light allspice note adds to the medium finish. The wine is fruit-forward and smooth with only moderate oak and tannins. A little too extracted for my personal taste but it is an easy drinking wine that would be a crowd pleaser at parties and/or a good Tuesday night burger wine.

Certainly as good or better than popular supermarket wines such as Apothic Red and Dark Horse but probably in the same general class/category. This might be a nice Halloween wine and would certainly make for an interesting red/white duo if paired with The Pouracle. In fact, mix them together to form your own The Untold Pouracle Rosé! Who knows what mystical powers you may unleash…

Good work chip! Nothing embarrassing here at Woot…execpt maybe me :slight_smile: sorry to hear about the funeral tho!

This wine is a great example of a trend in the wine industry. More and more wineries are doing “control” labels made and designed specifically for a retailer in mind.

For instance, this wine may have been made for Krogers or Trader Joe’s etc… looking for a $18.00-$24.00 price point.

good Paso Juice designed to provide value to the consumer at the normal retail price. Winery works directly with the retailer (if it’s CA) or has a cooperative deal worked out with the distributor who doesn’t have to “sell” the wine but rather just “clear” it. This usually give the retaler more profit.

in these instances (as in most wine instances) a label runs its course. That’s where we come in.

We get a lot of these coming in. This one tasted well above it’s asking price and the winery was motivated.

good opportunity here IMO.

No shipping to MO this time?
“This item cannot be shipped to MO. Please remove this wine from your order.”

It’s on the “go” list for this offer, so either it’s listed there in error or someone didn’t flip a switch somewhere to enable MO sales.

Sorry about that! We listed it in error. We can’t ship to MO for this one. :frowning:

Thanks for the info on this offer. Did you get any kind of exclusive deal on these?

yea, but it’s more of a verbal kind of thing. We also make sure it’s the best price (shipping included!!!) so they know it will move a decent quantity and will reserve the remaining inventory to this avenue.

And Middleton is clayhouse?

yes, but the plot thickens from there. The Clayhouse we have been rolling out (more to come) are what’s left of the brand acquisition of the Clayhouse label recently bought by Vintage Wine Estates.

So Middleton has found a home in wine.woot to move through the remaining inventory that VWE did not take (not because it was bad, but because there isn’t enough per SKU to integrate into VWE channels).

Good for us, good for you. keep an eye on another cab offer coming up.

Thanks for the insights. This ‘inside’ info really can play into a buy/pass decision.

As do known/trusted rats…

I really should have gone in heavier on the Wellington.