The Untold Red Wines (6) - Your Choice

The Untold Paso Robles 6-Packs - (Your Choice: Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, or Mixed)
Sold by: Middleton Family Wines
$49.99 $120.00 58% off List Price

The Untold Zinfandel 6-Pack
(6) - 2012 The Untold Zinfandel, Paso Robles
The Untold Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
(6) - 2013 The Untold Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles
The Untold Mixed Zinfandel & Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack
(3) - 2012 The Untold Zinfandel, Paso Robles
(3) - 2013 The Untold Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles

Much better price this time.

Any relation to Princess Kate?

And almost as if on cue, today is offering wine. Good luck finding useful information in their forum.

I was just thinking the same thing…
where is everyone planning to buy wine after WW ends?

We bought both of these last time. In general, I love Zin and hubby loves Cab. But for the Untold, I loved the Cab - found it very Zin-ike(he thought it was just ‘nice’), and neither of us loved the Cab. Note: we were tasting them on their own (we tend to have a glass of wine before dinner). I think the Cab needs to be paired with some spicy food, or beef or red sauce.

Anyway - in for one Cab.

hell of a good question.

Forums can be manipulated. Just sayin’.

There are those who suspect you’re already working on an answer. :wink:

But I think that a link to the vintner’s own release of the wine qualifies as ‘useful’.

I find that Wine Access has some pretty good offerings.

When is wine woot ending?


I see no laws against direct shipping to LA (the state) but we aren’t on the list! Help me out woot

Sorry. Each winery must have a license to sell.

Um. The same places I buy wine now other than here?
We have an outstanding wine shop here that specializes in high value wines. Or in Wine Woot vernacular - high QPR wines.