The UPG Democratic Dream Mug

I now do not like Woot for even having this for sale. Dems need to get over things.

Yeah, really lame.

It is pretty funny. I added one to my cart and will use as a gag gift. Although if they had mugs that turned all red I may have ordered 3!

Aw, lil snowflake was triggered and got your feelings hurt by a mug? There, there.
Tough break. Still a free country…for now. Suck it up, buttercup.

I heard that once it turns all blue you have to give half your coffee to someone who doesn’t deserve it : )

I heard that when it’s not, you have to let your life be run by someone completely unqualified to be President. Weird.

Woot has sold products from both sides of the political spectrum before, including Trump and whatever orange space he occupies.

If you want to be offended at something, they’ve also sold straight-up scam items before (Energy/Healing Magnets! How do they work?). But as mentioned, that would make you a snowflake.

edit: Also, they sold out before I could buy one for a friend, which made me look close enough to realize the map is from 2008. They haven’t updated it. :-/