The view from...

My door-
Used to be a serene pasture with cows. In the past couple months they have put up a gas drilling rig. With very bright lights, and plenty of noise… (no extra charge.) It was there for weeks, then they took it down. Ahhh, the peace and quiet is so sweet!
It didn’t last. They put up another rig in a new location, not far from the first. That one was just taken down last week.
The view has returned to peaceful.


My truck-
Driving down a winding country road, I see something ahead. It’s a pack of stray dogs by the side of the road. As the truck approaches, they ignore it. They are busy eating a very large dog that’s been hit by a car. Ewww. Later in the day, the dead dog is no longer there.
I wish people would stop dumping their dogs.

AHHH! A new drill rig is going up, see it?

What’s your view?

My view is houses. XD

This was my view a couple of weeks when it snowed here for the first time in over a year:

How beautiful! :slight_smile: It reminds me of Minnesota in the winter.

Taco fast food place-
Study the coupon on the way in. Look up to see the young guy grinning and dancing behind the counter. We high five, low five, knuckle bump, and a couple other unknown (to me) silly handshakes. I place my order, and leave with it a few minutes later. Smiling from ear to ear.