The Voices Told me to Crap

Yes!! Finally got one!!

I almost had one

I always miss it

Woohoo! Best Black Friday ever. #OptInside!

First time, please be gentle

and again woot logs me out within an hour!!! ughhhh!!!

Wow! I can’t believe it! I hunted this thing all afternoon, lol. Thanks, Woot!

I am back… i am so excited to be talking to TT again! Or whoever will moderate the site.


Woot woot

Well poop. I pulled open Woot and FB, and looked at FB first. Doh!

Holy Bag o’ Crap! I haven’t been able to get one of those in ages!

Woo hoo!

Extra sneaky this time, as they’ve been scattered throughout the various sub-woots!

My husband and I both got this one! Here’s hoping they don’t cancel our orders… we’re separate people, I swear!

I got one yesterday. =( Hope I won’t be disappointed!

Bah, the auto-logout is killing me. Every. Single. Time.

Congrats Crappers! Disappointment will soon be yours!


Thanks Thunder Thighs. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, I know I did with a side of mac & cheese :smiley:

ooooh yeah!

got my first one. doing the happy dance