The Walrus vs The Eggmen
*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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O M G Grats Toe!!! Great shirt!

coo coo katchoo!!!

Nice design.

Yaaay! I tried so hard for first sucker, too. I think it was the coupon code what slowed me down :wink:

I love the shirt description.

Woohoo! WTG Toe! Brilliant shirt. I am very sad that Fable’s and yours weren’t top two.
In for one.

The Beatles!!

Wahoo! The walrus made it! :o)

Nice! In for one!

Love this … but am I in love with this … ?

Will have to give it some thought, & keep my fingers xed it doesn’t sell out before I make up my mind.

dammit. nice design, but i really wanted south vs east.

The Beatles! Me like … I am in for one :slight_smile:

awe, it’s my first purchase at shirt.woot

stupid walrus. I hate the walrus. stupidest shirt ever. where’s my East vs. South?

Hahaha, I was spamming F5 trying to nab first sucker. Alas, in my zeal to be faster than the rest, I neglected to A) enter my password, and B) change my country to Canada.

That aside, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. I was so afraid that this one wouldn’t win. I’m glad that I can walk away from this weekend with at least one shirt.


whoops. double post. apparently my hatred for the walrus needs to be expressed multiple times.

(no offense to the artist, I can see the skill. It’s just not the one I want.)

I’m in for one for my wife. She will love it. Nice Job!

Congrats, Toe. Beautiful and cool design- very well done!