The Wand Co. 12th Dr's Sonic Screwdriver

Owning this is nature’s way of saying you have too much money.

Or, to put it another way…

Damn I wish I could justify a $80 Doctor Who remote that even if I could figure what motions I programmed it to do what.

I’m guessing by the lack of sales stats I’m not alone. Or perhaps I am alone and no one else has even looked at it.

(edit: McWhiskers is now the first and only one willing to pull the trigger on this.)

(re-edit: McWhiskers has company now and someone bought 3?)

It isn’t even the Sonic Screwdriver that’s uniquely 12’s. He spent a season with Eleven’s leftovers, then a season with the Sonic Sunglasses, and now he’s got one that’s got a totally different shape. This is the one that’s more properly Eleven’s.

Good point. I, for one, wasn’t a fan of the sonic sunglasses. I imagine The Wand Company wasn’t either, but for an entirely different reasons.